New for 2016: One rockin' JTFD music video and two adult-comedy CDs!


Happy 2016, all you Fun-atics!

January has been a good month for the Fun Dude. I finally found time to edit footage of my performance in December's crew talent show and the video, "18 & Life" (By Skid Row) is up on this site now. After I finished singing that night, my fiancee Zeljka said to me, "Wow--you're in the wrong profession." I said, "You mean I'm that good of a singer?" "No," she said, "You're that bad of a comedian."

What else? Oh, during the Dream's recent 10-day "Journeys" cruise out of Puerto Rico I had an opportunity to fill fill in for a comic who missed the ship. (I guess that $10 voodoo doll I bought in Old San Juan wasn't a waste of money after all.) So I charged up my Zoom audio recorder and whipped up two new albums worth of 18+ comedy. Both "CDs" contain adult language and strong opinions on social issues, so, if you're easily offended, listen to them twice to make it easier. And because both Louis CK and Jim Gaffigan sell their CDs and videos on their websites for only $5, I figure the only fare price for my crap is free. So if you have some time and cellular data to waste, you can download them here:"Ships & Giggles" / "Walk the Plank!"

That's enough blabbering for now, so enjoy the new content and have a fun February, dudes!


Back for More Fun, Dude!


Hey there, all you fun-atics, after an almost four-month vacation/medical sign-off for chronic Acid Reflux (hurray for ship food!), it's time to get back to work.

I sign back onto the Carnival Dream today in New Orleans for another long, long contract in my favorite comedy club, the Punchliner Presented by George Lopez.

Come hang out. We'll have some fun, dudes.


Saving Arianna!


Hi, everybody. Sorry to bum you out but my 16-year-old niece Arianna (far right, with her younger sister and brother) is in serious condition and is losing her battle with Anorexia.

My sister and brother-in-law are sending her to the Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt in Baltimore for 24-hour treatment but their health insurance will only cover part of her care in this specialized facility

If all goes well, she could be better in time to go on her first cruise with her Uncle Fun Dude, June 7th on the Carnival Pride, which, coincidentally, sails out of Baltimore. I bought the cruise as a gift for my parents' 50th anniversary and is scheduled to include my parents, my sister and brother-law, Ariana and her little sister and brother.

Arianna's big sister Rachelle has started a "Go Fund Me" site called "Saving Arianna." Any amount will help so if anyone cares to donate it would be going to a great cause for a great kid.






"The new Fun Dude album's here! The new Fun Dude album's here!"


Don't be a "jerk"--download Jeff the Fun Dude's new comedy album, "Living the Dream," for free (or four easy payments of only $0.00)!

 "The new Fun Dude album's here!"

 P.S. (It's the audio version of the new videos already available on my site. Hey, whaddya want for free, "jerk"?!)


Video Killed the Cruise Ship Star!


Belated Happy New Year, all you Fun-atics!

Although I'm just now getting over a horrendous cold that knocked me on my butt for the first few weeks of the new year, I got the chance to fill-in for one our headliners who missed the ship at the beginning of the month.

It went very well. It fact, the shows were "fun-tastic"! And the good news is I recorded all five sets for an upcoming comedy CD and shot them for my website.

If you look at the column of videos on the left-hand side of this page, you'll see the first three in a series of many more live videos of JTFD to come over the next few weeks.

As for the comedy CD, I haven't decided if it will be in actual CD form, as a digital download or embedded sound files you'll be able to stream or download for free here on the site.

I guess it depends on how badly the recordings suck.

Enjoy -- and have a fun 2015, Dudes!


The Fun Dude Meets the Mad Man!


Hey there, Fun-atics! How would you like to hear all about the Fun Dude's first time on stage, way back in 1986? I'm the guest on the latest episode of the podcast "Mad Man with Bob Golub." Bob is a very funny stand-up comic and actor with whom I've had the pleasure of working on the Carnival Dream several times over the past few months. Bob had one of the most highly rated episodes of Marc Maron's WTF podcast.


The Fun Dude in Montreal


This is a great week for the Fun Dude! I've been wanting to go the the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal for over 20 years now and I'm finally here, thanks to my boss at Carnival Cruise Lines. We're here July 23-27 scouting new talent for our Punchliner Comedy Clubs. There is an unbelievable amount of amazing talent this year. Check out some of the comedy superstars and newbies we've been able to enjoy at

It also doesn't hurt that I'm staying in a swanky hotel with a king-size bed and big-screen HD TV. They're going to have to drag me back onto the Dream Sunday kicking and screaming!


Back in the Saddle!


Hello there, Fun-atics! I've been back on the Carnival Dream since March 29th and everything is fun-tastic. The Gulf Coast cruisers are great laughers and I've been having a ton of fun running around New Orleans consuming as much chicory coffee and beignets as possible.

The Home Office has been sending me a lot of great new Punchliner Comedians, such as Mike Speenberg, Mike Marino and Claude Stuart. 

Now that I'm settled in and having fun, dude, I'll be posting regular humor pieces about ship life again. You can check out the last two I've written by clicking on Essays on this site or by visiting my blog, "The Fun Dude Abides."


Croatia, here I come!


I leave for a three-week trip to Croatia today. The Caribbean is for wussies!


If you have time, please check out the last essay I'll post until I get back.

"Videmo se!" (That's Croatian for "I'm outta here, bee-otch!")


The Fun Dude Has Cabin Fever!


Greetings, Fun-atics! It's me, JTFD!

If you're curious about how much fun it is to occupy a crew cabin for six months, read my latest essay, "Cabin Fever," by clicking on "Essays" or by visiting my blog site, "The Fun Dude Abides."

And don't forget to follow the FUN-ny on Twitter ,Facebook and Google + !

The best thing about working on a cruise ship is sharing bunk beds with another full-grown adult. Fortunately, I really liked my roommate last contract. I was lucky, too, because they say 50% of crew members can't stand their roommates. This is according to a recent survey that was taken in my cabin.

I felt sorry for my roommate because he had a potentially fatal sleep disorder called sleep apnea. The reason sleep apnea can be fatal is sleep apnea can lead to breathing problems, which can lead to chronic snoring, which can lead to me bashing your head in with a tennis racket.

Until next time--have fun, dude!