Freezing My Fun Buns Off!


Greetings from Cleveland, Ohio!. Brrrr! Although it's been hard to stay warm with the mercury hovering around 7 degrees all week long, I've been enjoying my first week of vacation. I've been catching up on The Daily Show as well as writing. My first essay of my two-month break is up at my Word Press site "The Fun Dude Abides." 

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The Fun Is Done!


It's that time again, Fun-atics--time for the Fun Dude to go on vacation. I can hardly wait to get back to Cleveland and try out my new snow shoes!

I'm going to spend a month back home and then a month in Europe with the Fun Chick.

Although I'll be posting regular essays while on vacation (back on the Dream March 29th in time for New Orleans!), here is one last one before I leave: "Acid Trip."

I hope it doesn't cause you heartburn!


Happy Belated New Year, Fun Bitches!


Happy New Year, Fun Bitches! 2014 is shaping up nicely. Our first full cruise of the New Year saw us missing two ports and the ship being pounded by rain and wind at sea. Then, our new comedians missed the ship in the last port so Carnival let me headline all five Punchliner shows Thursday night. They figured that, with all the disappointments our guests experienced that cruise, what's one more?

Fortunately, my five shows rocked and I had last Friday night off. Unfortunately, I came down with the flue and have spent the past two days in isolation. The nurses say it's because of my unfunny jokes, but the doctor blames the flue virus.

Regardless, between coughing jags and the final few episodes of Season 2 of "Dexter," I've been able to crank out my first comedic essay of 2014.

Enjoy--and have fun, dudes!


Team America




My latest humor essay is up. You can check it out at or here on the site under Essays. Have fun, dudes!


Sorry If I Offended You, Jackass!



Hey, Fun-atics--it's been a while. I've been really busy lately running the Punchliner and working on projects for the home office in Miami. Meanwhile, Zeljka and I received our marriage license in the mail so it won't be long before we get hitched. Anyway, if you have time, check out my latest humor essay.


Fan Friction



Hey, Fun-atics! My new essay is up. You can click on Essays or go to my blog "The Fun Dude Abides." Please take this one with a grain of salt, dudes and dude-ettes! The Fun Dude loves you!


I Kid You Not


Hey, Fun-atics! I'm in Puerto Rico today. My rain forest tour was canceled due to the government shutdown. Gee, I wonder why Puerto Ricans aren't pushing for statehood.

Anyway, my latest humor essay, "I Kid You Not," is up. You can read it on my blog or here on my site by clicking on Essays.

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Until next time, have fun, dudes!


The Big "O"


Hey there, Fun-atics! This has been a busy week for the Fun Dude. I am filling in tonight as one of the Punchliner headliners tonight for the start of our Western Caribbean cruise right after filling in last cruise as well.

My new humor essay, "The Big 'O'" covers this. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Until next time--have fun, dude!


Be My Guest, Too


Miss me? Sorry, Fun-atics, but I've been busy working on writing projects for the home office in Miami so I've only had time to post a new humor essay every other week. "Be My Guest, Too" is part two of my previous piece. This week I take a humorous look at the four types of cruise ship guests.

I'll have another piece up next Saturday. Meanwhile, I got the chance to headline again recently when a headliner missed the ship. So I'm busy editing video and audio footage of those shows. Hopefully, I'll have some new clips up soon as well as a comedy album for sale on Amazon, I-Tunes and on this site.

So until next week, have fun, dude!


Be My Guest


Howdy, Fun-atics! This week's humor essay is up after taking last week off to work on other writing projects.