New for 2016: One rockin' JTFD music video and two adult-comedy CDs!

Happy 2016, all you Fun-atics!

January has been a good month for the Fun Dude. I finally found time to edit footage of my performance in December's crew talent show and the video, "18 & Life" (By Skid Row) is up on this site now. After I finished singing that night, my fiancee Zeljka said to me, "Wow--you're in the wrong profession." I said, "You mean I'm that good of a singer?" "No," she said, "You're that bad of a comedian."

What else? Oh, during the Dream's recent 10-day "Journeys" cruise out of Puerto Rico I had an opportunity to fill fill in for a comic who missed the ship. (I guess that $10 voodoo doll I bought in Old San Juan wasn't a waste of money after all.) So I charged up my Zoom audio recorder and whipped up two new albums worth of 18+ comedy. Both "CDs" contain adult language and strong opinions on social issues, so, if you're easily offended, listen to them twice to make it easier. And because both Louis CK and Jim Gaffigan sell their CDs and videos on their websites for only $5, I figure the only fare price for my crap is free. So if you have some time and cellular data to waste, you can download them here:"Ships & Giggles" / "Walk the Plank!"

That's enough blabbering for now, so enjoy the new content and have a fun February, dudes!

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