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Hey, Fun-atics! My new essay is up. You can click on Essays or go to my blog "The Fun Dude Abides." Please take this one with a grain of salt, dudes and dude-ettes! The Fun Dude loves you!


I Kid You Not

Hey, Fun-atics! I'm in Puerto Rico today. My rain forest tour was canceled due to the government shutdown. Gee, I wonder why Puerto Ricans aren't pushing for statehood.

Anyway, my latest humor essay, "I Kid You Not," is up. You…


The Big "O"

Hey there, Fun-atics! This has been a busy week for the Fun Dude. I am filling in tonight as one of the Punchliner headliners tonight for the start of our Western Caribbean cruise right after filling in last cruise as…


Be My Guest, Too

Miss me? Sorry, Fun-atics, but I've been busy working on writing projects for the home office in Miami so I've only had time to post a new humor essay every other week. "Be My Guest, Too" is part two of…


Be My Guest

Howdy, Fun-atics! This week's humor essay is up after taking last week off to work on other writing projects.


Official Fun Dude Disclaimer!!

OK, so you can read this week's humor essay by clicking on ESSAYS or by clicking on the Tumblr widget.

But or those of you new to sarcasm, hyperbole and irony, please do me a favor and read between the…


This week's humor essay is up!

Hey, all you Fun-atics, if you've ever wondered what it's like to be a Punchliner comedian, check out my new humor essay which reveals the lifestyle of a fly-on entertainer in all its sybaritic splendor.

Today the Dream sets sail…


JTFD on the WWW!

Wait till you get a load of this ship: Jeff "The Fun Dude" has gone digital!

No, he doesn't have opposable thumbs yet (evolution doesn't workthat fast). What we mean by "digital" is, JTFD is now on the WWW! 

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