All hail the splitter of sides!

Dry Bar Comedy's original "Manly Girly Man" comes to Tampa Bay's premier comedy showplace's newest location for six hilarious shows. Get your tickets before they're gone by clicking on the photo above.

Sarasota bound, mavis!

Next week, Jeff is heading to Sarasota, where, at 56, he'll be one of the youngest people in town. Come catch his shows at McCurdys Comedy Theatre, one of the finest comedy establishments in the country. You'll have fun and they'll even valet park your Rascal Scooter.

jeff, on jokey tv? no joke!

jeff's jokes are on jokey TV!

Jeff's new special is streaming on Spotify!

Jeff's Jokey TV special, shot in St. Petersburg, FL, a year ago this month, was finally released a few days ago. Please share the link with your friends. If we can get 100 million people to stream it, Spotify will send Jeff a dollar.

X marks the spot!

You don't have to be one to treated like one!

You don't have to be one to treated like one!