Who Is Jeff Shaw?

What Are They Saying About Jeff?

Jeff is one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever had the pleasure of being entertained by. A master joke writer and teller with pitch-perfect timing, Jeff is a GENIUS. The word “hysterical” will never do him justice. My sides were splitting and he brought much-needed laughter to my entire company. Jeff takes comedy SERIOUSLY, and it shows. He has completely conquered the virtual venue. He comes prepared and provides the client with meticulous instructions to make the event go smoothly. ”

— The BAM Connection Advertising, Brooklyn, NY

Jeff joined a team celebration to close out our fiscal year via Webex and got the team rolling with laughter right out of the gate!. Jeff's self-deprecating style makes him very relatable and he left the team wanting more. Jeff interacted with many of the team members, which further personalized the experience. Jeff really created the mental break and levity I desired for the occasion. ”

— Cisco Systems, Seattle, Washington

Jeff was amazing! I was planning my team's virtual onsite meeting and thought it would be a great surprise for my team to have a comedian join to lighten up the mood during a break. Jeff was extremely easy to plan with and remained flexible when some of our sessions ran over. My team was surprised when Jeff came on and he did not disappoint. He made jokes that team members of all ages could appreciate and he had everyone ROLLING. Jeff was fun, clean, and did exactly what we needed him to do: lighten the mood during an intense workday. I would definitely book Jeff again for any team event I have in the future. ”

— Google, Chicago, IL

Jeff Shaw was HILARIOUS, professional, kind and easy to work with. I work at Amazon and hired Jeff to help us celebrate a huge success for the company and my team. I was already nervous about how a virtual comedy show might go over when, 20 minutes before Jeff was supposed to go on, I threw some last minute HR restrictions at him. Being forced to throw Jeff a curveball at the last minute caused me to have a minor freak-out moment, but Jeff’s calm demeanor and professionalism saved the day. He was not only able to make the necessary adjustments minutes before showtime, he was also able to calm me down. His show was EXACTLY what our team needed. I cannot thank Jeff enough for his amazing problem solving skills, the non-stop laughter his show generated, and for bringing some joy and happiness to the team. Jeff nailed the virtual comedy show format for us and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an overall amazing entertainment experience.”

— Amazon, Seattle, WA

Jeff Shaw was fantastic! He was funny, he engaged the audience with our virtual comedy show online, and went the full time plus a little overtime. Laughs were had throughout the entire event! Jeff was accommodating with prep and setup as well. Even our rabbi was laughing. Couldn't be happier!”

— Cape Cod Synagogue, Cape Cod, MA