The loony bin in little rock nov. 27-28

"The Virtual Comedy Show"

Quick reminder that The Virtual Comedy Show  starring Brad Tassel is LIVE This Thursday at 9ET/6PT with special guest Comedian Spike Davis, and Carla Ulbrich. Carla promises to show up and have WiFi. Plus, Jeff Shaw is gonna let us know we are doing it wrong,  And Steve Goodie will keep up up to date and laughing. It's our last show before a one week break, Do not miss it. To be in the audience go to: and click the green button. Or just catch us streaming live on Facebook. This is the best virtual comedy show on the Web!

Dry Bar Comedy's "Let's Be Honest" Oct. 20th

I'm appearing on Dry Bar Comedy's Facebook Live relationship chat show "Let's Be Honest with Mike Paramore" tomorrow night, Tues. Oct. 20 at 9PM EDT/ 6PDT"  (The poster says 8PM but 9PM is the new time.) 

Please like their page now and then tomorrow you will get a notification when we go live. For those of you who can't join us because the person you're in a relationship with one let you, enjoy the irony and look for my posts of the video the next day.


NOV 20-21 8PM & 10PM in greenwood, in

Jeff Shaw is a clean comedian and Gutty's Comedy Club is Indianapolis' premier clean comedy club. And thanks to their strict following of CDC guidelines, clean in both meanings of the word. So come bust a gut at Gutty's. Jeff might even try out some new material. If, that is, he has...the guts. HA! HA! HA!

Fort Wayne Becomes Fort Jeff!

Saturday FEB. 27, 2021 7:15PM & 9:15PM

Hey, FORT Wayne! Tired of watching Netflix from that blanket FORT in your living room? Then show some FORTitude and praise your good FORTune by seeing some FORTuitously FORTifying comedy FORThwith.(Hate puns? What do you expect from an old FORT like me?)

Jeff Returns to Detroit Joke City!

FRI - SAT NOV 6-7 7:00PM & 9:15PM

One Night Stan's in Waterford Township, MI, is one of Jeff's favorite comedy clubs and he is one of their...uh...comedians. The club has just reopened , can use the support, and wil be following all CDC guidelines. Jeff's Birthday is Nov 8 so come help him celebrate. and help a great club get back on its feet.