Raising the (Dry) Bar!

A personal message from Jeff: "Hi, everyone! My second Dry Bar Comedy special, The High Voice of Reason, will be released next Friday, September 16th, only on the Dry Bar app, before appearing on YouTube and Facebook at a later date. By clicking on my personalized link, you can subscribe to the Dry Bar app and website and watch my two specials -- along with hundreds of others -- while you're 'quietly quitting' at work. Moreover, I'll get a nice little kickback from every subscription that I can put towards haircare products. Winner-winner, chicken dinner! You should listen to me and subscribe using promo code: JEFFSHAW, because I'm the high voice of reason." Http://

"I can't stans no more!"

Jeff told them they should change their name to Three-Night Stan's and they told him he should go to hell. So, Jeff said, "Why, are you opening a new location in Saginaw?" If you live in Detroit, please come see Jeff's three-night one-night stand at One Night Stans Comedy Club.

ain't life grand!

Going to Las Vegas this  September 8-10? Why see Adele or Rod Stewart when you can enjoy a night of clean and clever standup comedy with South Korea's newest teen idol, Jeff Shaw? Forget the Strip; Downtown Vegas is where the action's at, Jack. Come join Jeff at the beautifully remodeled Delirious Comedy Club inside the Grand Hotel. You'll laugh till you're delirious. (Hookers and blow not included.)