1-3 Crackers, Indianapolis, IN

8-9 Reading Comedy Outlet, Reading, IN (w/ Vinnie Mark)

29-30 Hysterical Management Tour of Midwest



2-6 Hysterical Management Tour of Midwest (w/Bruce "the Moose" Goodman)

10-14 Comedy Cottage @ the Star Plaza, Merryville, IN (w/Leo DeFour

19-20 Funny Business, Flint, MI (W/Steven Cruiser)



4-6  Portsmouth, OH

10-13 Comedy on Broadway, Lexington, KY

14 Hilarities, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

18-21 One-niter tour of Ohio (w/Kerry Pollack)

24-27 Hilarities, Cleveland, OH



13 Two Keys Tavern, Lexington, KY (w/ Al April)

14-17 Comedy Caravan, Kentucky one-niter tour (w/Al April)

18 Ozzie's, Oxford, OH (w/ Al April)

27-1 Funny Business, one-niter tour of Illinois $700



5-9 Funny Farm, Louisville, KY

14-16 Italian Villa, Lancaster, PA

20-23 Funny Bone, Monroeville, PA (w/Basil)

26-29 Funny Bone @ Station Square, Pittsburgh, PA (w/Paul Kelly)

30 Beaver Falls, PA



4-5 Funny Business, Oxford, MI

8 Quark @ Clock Tower Inn, Rockford, MI $100 (w/ Ken Evans)

9 Brass Rail, DuBuque, IA (w/ Ken Evans)

10-12 Comedy on Main Street, Madison, WI (w/ Ken Evans)

13 Stevens Point, WI (w/ Ken Evans)

16-20 Funny Bone @ Westport Plaza, St; Louis, MO

23-27 Wiley's, Dayton, OH (HEADLINING w/Tommy Brogan)



14-18  Laugh Factory, Memphis, TN

22-24 Russo's, Grand Blanc, MI

28-31 Connxtions, Toledo, OH (w/Steve Iott)



4-7 Funny Bone, Cincinnati, OH (w Ron White)

10-15 Hilarities, Cuyahoga Falls, OH (CO-HEADLINING w/ Mike Chiselka

18-22 Hilarities, Cleveland, OH (w/ Todd Yohn)

25-28 Snickerz, Ft. Wayne, IN ("Night Shift with Kevin Ferguson" TV taping 26th)



31-5 Funny Bone, DesMoines, IA

7-12 Funny Bone, Omaha, NE (w/ John McConnel)

14-19 Funny Bone, Davenport, IA w/Destiny)

21-25 Wagons Ho, Grand Forks, ND (w/ Steve Baird)

29-3 Wagons Ho, Grand Forks, ND (w/ Steve Burger)



5-10 Chaplin's West, Detroit, OH

12-17 Crackers, Indianapolis, IN (CO-HEADLINING)

26-31 Funny Bone, Columbus, OH (w/Pat Sullivan)



 5-6 Reading Comedy Outlet, Reading, OH

11-13 Mad Hatter's Comedy Club, Painesville, OH (w/Pat Sullivan)

16-20 Comedy Zone Tour of North Carolina (w/ Vinnie Montello)

23-28 Hilarities, Cleveland, OH



2-4 Funny Bone, Springfield, MO

6 Funny Bone @ Westport Plaza, St. Louis, MO ("Best of St. Louis")

7-11 Funny Bone @ South County, St. Louis, MO (w/Buzz Sutherland)

13-15 One-niter tour of IN

17-18 Funny Business, Kalamazoo, MI (w/ AJ Lentini & Johnene Getts)


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