3-5 Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle, Royal Oak, MI Headlining

7 Bear's Place, Bloomington, IN Headlining

8 Two Keys Tavern, Lexington, KY Headlining

9 ?, Louisville, KY Headlining

10 Comedy Zone, Harrisonburg, VA Headlining

11-12 Comedy Zone,  Wheeling, WV Headlining

13 Private Show, Louisville, KY

18-9 Upper Peninsula of MI $675

25-26 Holly Hotel, Holly MI Headlining

29-3 The Improv, Cleveland, OH


8-9 Thoroughgood Inn, Virginia Beach, VA Headlining

12 Bowling Green, KY

13-16 Connxtions, Toledo, OH Headlining

27 Mt. Pleasant, MI Headlining

28-2 Russo's, Mt. Blanc, MI Headlining


21-24 Rascal's, Springfield, MA Headlining (w/Jeff Klinger)

26 Funny Business, Flint, MI Headlining

27-30 Connxtions, Lansing, MI Headlining


4 Sandusky, OH Headlining

5-6 Saginaw, MI  Headlining

7 Flint, MI Headlining


9 La Crosse, WI Headlining

10 The Brass Rail, Dubuque, IA HL

11-13 Comedy on Main Street, Madison, WI HL


17 Skyline Comedy Club, Appleton, WI (w/Ted Alexandro)

18-20 Comedy Cafe, Milwaukee, WI


23-25 Comedy Zone, Jacksonville, FL

26-27 Comedy Zone, Tallahassee, FL $300

28 Comedy Zone @ Ft. Walton Beach, FL

29 Comedy Zone, Biloxi, MS HL $300


3-4 Bonkerz, Orlando, FL HL

9-11 Funny Bone, St. Charles, MO

14 Gilligan's, Manhattan, KS

15-18 Jokers, Omaha, NE  HL


21 Dickinson, ND HL

22 Mandan, MD HL

23-25 Mianot, ND HL


7-8 Holly Hotel, Holly, MI HL

19 Comedy Zone, Daleville, AL HL

21 The Attic, Greenville, NC  HL

22 Went to see Ronnie Bullard at the Comedy Zone in Charlotte. This meeting led to my career with Carnival.

26-9 Comedy Zone, Charlotte, NC HL (w/Spanky Brown)


5-7 Richmond, VA HL

8-13 Nags Head, NC HL

25-27 The Jukebox, Peoria, IL


1-3 Gary Field's Comedy Club Battle Creek MI (W/John Roy) HL

8-10 Jr's, Erie, PA


14 Hunnington, WV

15 Parkersburg, WV

16 Port Huron, MI

17 Fremont, OH

27 Casino, ?, NM

28-31  Laff's Comedy Night Club, Albuquerque, NM $600 Co-headlining with "Hippie Man"


12-14 Bonkerz, Joliet, IL HL

19-22 Loony Bin, Wichita, KS

24-29 The Punchline @ Sandy Springs, Atlanta, GA HL


2-5  Zanies, Nashville, TN $750 (w/ Nick DiPaolo)

8 ?, IL

9 Bowling Green, KY

10-12 Comedy Zone, Johnson City HL

17-19 Albany, NY (W/ Dan Still) HL

22-26 Charlie Goodnight's, Raleigh, NC HL


28 Bear's Place, Bloomington, IN HL

29 Two Keys Tavern, Lexington, KY  HL

30-2 Loony Bin, Little Rock, AR (W/John Wesley Austin)


5 Lafayette, IN HL

6 Kirksville, MO  HL

7 LaCrosse, WI HL

8 St. Cloud, MN  HL


13 The Attic, Greenville HL

14 The Comedy Zone, Prestonsburg, KY HL

15-16 Comedy Zone, Charlestown, WV HL

17 Comedy Zone, Alexandria, VA HL


20-23 Comedy Cabana, Myrtle Beach, SC

25-30 Hilarities, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 


3-5 Carnival Jubilee (My first Carnival gig ever, thanks to Ronnie Bullard & Chris Prideaux)

7-9 Carnival Holiday

10-14 Funny Bone @ Station Square, Pittsburgh, PA $700 (w/Marc Britton) Marc & I got jumped by drunk rednecks in alleyway after the show. We lost the fight but got some real good punches in before security scared the guys off.

16 Secret Santa Benefit, Funny Bone, Columbus, OH (w/Drew Carey) 

22-4 Various Carnival Fun Ships



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