Video Killed the Cruise Ship Star!

Belated Happy New Year, all you Fun-atics!

Although I'm just now getting over a horrendous cold that knocked me on my butt for the first few weeks of the new year, I got the chance to fill-in for one our headliners who missed the ship at the beginning of the month.

It went very well. It fact, the shows were "fun-tastic"! And the good news is I recorded all five sets for an upcoming comedy CD and shot them for my website.

If you look at the column of videos on the left-hand side of this page, you'll see the first three in a series of many more live videos of JTFD to come over the next few weeks.

As for the comedy CD, I haven't decided if it will be in actual CD form, as a digital download or embedded sound files you'll be able to stream or download for free here on the site.

I guess it depends on how badly the recordings suck.

Enjoy -- and have a fun 2015, Dudes!

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