31-4 Funny Bone, Green Bay, WI

14-18 Funny Bone @ Station Square, Pittsburgh, PA

22-24 Main Street Comedy Showcase HEADLINING

27-1 Crackers, Indianapolis, IN


6-8 The Italian Villa (w/ Scott Bruce)

12-13 Shooters, Saginaw, MI

20-21 The Mad Hatter Comedy Club, Painesville, OH

25 The Attic, Greenville, NC (w/James Vernon)

27 Comedy Zone, Lynchburg, VA (w/James Vernon)


1 Cagney's, Fayettevile, NC

4-7 The Comedy Cabana, Myrtle Beach, SC

11 Funny Business, Flint, MI

12-14 Gary Field's Comedy Club, Battle Creek, MI

18 Comedy Zone, Chapel Hill, NC (w/James Vernon)

19 Comedy Zone @ the Sheraton, Harrisonburg, VA (w/James Vernon)

20-21 Comedy Zone @ the Ramada Inn, Charleston, WV (w/James Vernon)

25-28 The Comedy Catch, Chattanooga, TN


31-5 The Comedy House (Opening for James Gregory)

7 Quark @ the Clock Tower Inn, Rockford, IL

8 Funny Business, Egg Harbor, WI

9 Funny Business, Muskegon, MI

10 Funny Business, Petoskey, MI

11 Cadillac, MI

17 Private Party - F.O.P.

22-26 Funny Bone, Evansville, IN

28 Coo-Coo's, Carbondale, IL

29-2 Art Vieluf's Comedy Etc.


5 Funny Business @ the Best Western, LaCrosse, WI

6 The Brass Rail, DuBuque, IA

7-9 Comedy on Main Street, Madison, WI

13-17 Funny Bone, Green Bay, WI

20-23 Dr. Grin's, Grand Rapids, MI

26-1 The Comedy Zone @ Lake Norman, Charlotte, NC


3-6 Connxtions, Toldeo, OH

9-14 The Funny Bone, Columbus, OH

23-27 The Improv, Cleveland, OH


1-4 The Funny Bone @ Station Square

10-12 The Italian Villa, Lancaster, PA



11-16 The Star Dome, Birmingham, AL (w/Etta May)

19 Holiday Inn, Jasper, IN

20-22 The Comedy Cafe, Milwaukee, WI

28-29 Charleston, SC


31-6 The Comedy Cabana, Myrtle Beach, SC

8-13 The Comedy Zone @ the Ramada Inn, Jacksonville, FL (w/ Tommy Davidson) $700

16-20 Uncle Funny's, Davy, FL

29 Comedy Zone, New Albany, GA

30 Comedy Zone @ Thunderbirds, Panama City, FL


2-3 Coconuts, Lakeland, FL

6-10 The Improv, Miami, FL

13-18 The Improv, Miami, FL

20-24 Crackers, Indianapolis, IN

27-31 The Comedy Caravan, Louisville, KY


10-15 The Comedy House, Macon, GA (Opening for Time Wilson)

17 Co-Coo's, Carbondale, IL HEADLINING

18-21 Art Vieluf's Comedy Etc. HEADLINING

24-28 Crackers Comedy Club @ Broad Ripple, Indianapolis, IN


2-5 Main Street Comedy Showcase, Ann Arbor, MI HEADLINING

5-12 Jr.'s Comedy Club, Erie, PA

16 Funny Business, Mt. Pleasant, MI HEADLINING

17-19 Russo's, Grand Blanc, MI HEADLINING



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