3-6 Westward Ho, Grand Forks, ND HEADLINING 

10 Funny Business, Eau Claire, WI

12-13 Funny Business, Appleton, WI

16 Missoula, MT

17 Pocatello, ID

18 Billings, MT

19 Idaho Falls, ID

20 Miles City, MT $875 for week HEADLINING

23 Helena, MT

24 Great Falls, MT

25 Butte, MT

26 ?

27 Pocatello, ID for week HEADLINING



1-3 Rapid City, SD HEADLINING (w/Jeff Klinger)

6 Lodestar Casino, Ft. Thompson, SD HEADLINING (w/Jeff Klinger)

8-10 Ft. Dixon, SD HEADLINING (2/Jeff Klinger)

14-18 Loony Bin, Wichita, KS (w/Eliot Treatt)

19-20 Loony Bin, Wichita, KS OPENING FOR DAVE COULIER

21-24 Loony Bin, Little Rock, AR (w/John Wesley Austin)



28-4 Loony Bin, Memphis, TN

8 Comedy Zone, Somewhere in AR

9-10 Baudo's, Jackson, TN HEADLINING

13-18 The Improv, Cleveland, OH

22 North Platte, NE (w/Jeff Klinger) HEADLINING

23-24 Penguins, Sioux City, IA (w/Jeff Klinger) HEADLINING

28 Iowa City, IA

29 Burlington, IA

30 Clear Lake, IA

31 Cedar Falls, IA


3 Best Western, LaCrosse, WI

4 Brass Rail, Dubuque, IA

5-7 Comedy on Main Street, Madison, WI HEADLINING (w/Curtis Jaye)

12-14 Thorogood Inn, Virginia Beach, VA HEADLINING

17-27 The Funny Bone @ Station Square, Pittsburgh, PA


4-5 Richmond, VA HEADLINING

8-13 Funny Bone, Columbus, OH SPLIT WEEK (w/Tommy Chong)

17-20 The Jukebox, Peoria, IL (w/Donna Watts) HEADLINING

24-27 Naggs Head, NC HEADLINING

29-2 Chicago Comedy Festival (on bill with Nick Swardson, John Roy and Charlie Viracola)

6-10 Comic's Cafe, Rochester, NY HEADLINING

14-16 Comedy Nest, Montreal QE HEADLINING

20-24 Zanies, Nashville, TN 20-24

25 Comedy Zone, Florence, SC

27 Comedy Zone, Valdosta, GA

28 The Comedy Loft, Columbus, GA


5 Comedy Zone, Harrisonburg, VA HEADLINING

6-7 Comedy Zone, Williamsburg, VA HEADLINING

10-14 Charlie Goodnight's, Raleigh, NC Split-week with Emo Philips

20-22 Shooter's, Saginaw, MI HEADLINING

25-29 The Punchliner @ Sandy Springs, Atlanta, GA


7 Quark @ Clock Tower Inn, Rockford, WI HEADLINING

9-11 Giggles, Milwaukee, WI HEADLINING

14 ?

15 ?

16-19 Wileys, Dayton, OH HEADLINING

21 Lafayette, IN

22 Decatur, IL

23 Terre Haute, IN

24 Off

25 Bloomington, IL

29 Funny Business, Mt. Pleasant, MI

30 Val du Laques, WI

31 -1 Comedy Cottage @ the Star Plaza, Merryville, IN HEADLINING


5-9 Loony Bin, Memphis, TN

11 I got the news about the Twin Towers while sleeping in my car in a rest area on I-75 between Lexington & Louisville

14-15 Funny Bone @ Station Square, Pittsburgh, PA (11-13 canceled)

18-22 Comedywood, Toronto, ON (DOWNTOWN) CANCELED DUE TO 9-11

25-29 Comedywood, Toronto, ON (SUBURBS) CANCELED DUE TO 9-11


3 Bowling Green, KY Headlining

4 Lawrenceburg KY Headlining

5 Boone, KY Headlining

6 Carrowinds, KY Headlining

9-13 Crackers (Downtown), Indianapolis, IN

18 Comedy Zone, Paducah, KY Headlining

19-20 Comedy Zone, Johnson City, TN

25-27 Casino, Brimely, MI


2 Private Show, Madison Pub, Sault Saint Marie, ON

3 Private Show, Royal Bank, Sault Saint Marie, ON

5 Bear's Place, Bloomington, IN Headlining

6 Two Keys Tavern, Lexington, KY Headlining

7 ?

8-10 Comedy Cafe, Milwaukee, WI

15 North Platte, NE

16-17 Penguins, Sioux City, IA

20-24 Sanford & Sons, Kansas City, KS

28 Iowa City, IA Headlining

29 ?, IA $200 Headlining

30 Clear Lake, IA Headlining


1 Cedar Falls, IA Headlining

6 TV TAPING-"Comedy @ Club 54, Burlington, ON

12 Kirksville, MO Headlining

13 St. Cloud, MN Headlining 

19-22 Catch a Rising Star, Princeton, NJ

26-30 Funny Bone, South Bend, IN Headlining

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