JTFD on the WWW!

Wait till you get a load of this ship: Jeff "The Fun Dude" has gone digital!

No, he doesn't have opposable thumbs yet (evolution doesn't workthat fast). What we mean by "digital" is, JTFD is now on the WWW! 

So all you Jeff "The Fun Dude" Fun-atics can put "Duck Dynasty" on pause and check out his new Website, Jeff The Fun Dude.com (not yet approved by the FDA).

Why do what you're paid to do when you can waste an hour or two of company time listening to Jeff's standup clips,  following his daily jokes on Twitter and Facebook , or reading his new weekly humor column, "The Fun Dude Abides"

During his next fun-filled contract at sea JTFD will be adding more sound clips and videos, as well as releasing his first comedy album since 1995. (Axl Rose ain't got nothin' on the Fun Dude, yo!)

And don't forget to book your next Carnival Cruise soon because JTFD will be returning to the Dream in Port Canaveral as the comedy club manager and house MC of The Punchliner Comedy Club Presented by George Lopez on Saturday, July 27th. 

OK, you can get back to "Duck Dynasty" now.  

Thanks. And have fun, dude!

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